The Brief

Cambridge University commissioned the build of the brand new £50 million state-of-the-art research and training facility for students of chemical engineering and biotechnology. We were tasked with providing furniture solutions for the numerous diverse spaces.

The Solution

Our expertise and furniture knowledge allowed us to specify the perfect solution in terms of design, functionality and cost. We demonstrated furniture solutions for teaching areas, breakout spaces, research write-up areas, 1,500 individual bespoke storage modules, brainstorming areas and more. We were invested in a four-month consultation process with the client and architect to finalise the product specification.

We were so grateful that Wagstaff had the local facilities to store our furniture when the project got delayed Rachel Simmmonds

Project Insight

Once the furniture specification was agreed and signed off, orders were placed with manufacturers and the installation planning took place.

Due to unforeseen issues on site the furniture install was delayed three times and put back by a total of 12 months. Luckily we have the storage facility to mitigate this problem for our clients giving them one less thing to worry about.

Finally the installation went ahead in a phased manner desking over two weeks and the storage for another two weeks.

We worked without issue in challenging conditions around other trades, which our install teams are quite accustomed to.

The final result is very impressive, the furniture works in harmony with the building and aids the creation of dedicated space whether that be quiet personal spaces or bustling open plan areas.

We have received glowing reports from the University for our furniture knowledge, professionalism and flexibility to adapt to the programs changing needs.
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