The Brief

Auto Trader needed to make better use of their existing 6th floor restaurant as it occupied a large amount of space and was only in use during peak periods between 7 - 9am and 12 - 2pm.

Their goal was to create a flexible space that not only provided a restaurant facility and self-service food prep but could be used throughout the day for informal meetings plus client entertainment out of hours.
All of the works had to be completed whist still maintaining a fully functional restaurant and self - serve area for some 400 staff on a daily basis.

The Solution

Wagstaff design proposal to Auto Trader included breaking up the large, uninteresting rectangular restaurant into individual themed area's that complimented the clients urban feel on their other two floors used as offices in Tony Wilson Place.

The large circular servery is at the core of the space with the zones expanding from it, the zones being; "Coffee Shop" which is a light and airy area overlooking the Atrium. This space is formed by using Oak Brise Soleil screens to provide a quiet area to the coffee shop but still allowing the maximum amount of light to the core. The "Dining Area" retains the clients existing bench furniture, tables and chairs that are all finished in white. Staff "food prep area" together with a "games area" were created by replicating the brick arches adjacent to Tony Wilson Place, built within the arches are sliding "garage" doors to allow these two areas to be closed off should the need be required.

We were really impressed with Wagstaff's design solution, they have really maximised the use of space through this flexible approach. Elliot Brooke

Project Insight

The final area and possibly the most important to the facilities team was the creation of informal meeting spaces that would take pressure off the clients existing meeting rooms.

These meeting spaces “zones” were created by using a light weight hanging panel system

that could easily be re-configured literally within minutes, to provide small areas for four to six staff or larger areas for up to 50 people.

All These zones were furnished by using Orangebox’s landscape products to give a soft “away from the desk” feel.

The client was extremely happy with the outcome of the design and execution and also how we had managed to carry out the works with minimal disturbance and without having to close the area at any time.
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