We design, develop and produce our own product ranges through shared or part owned manufacturing facilities, sourcing raw materials as far down the supply chain as possible.

We listen to our clients and can produce exactly what they need. Manufacturing in this way shortens the supply chain and gives us exclusive ranges at unbeatable prices. We don’t incur factory overheads and production always runs at maximum capacity for ultimate efficiency. Look out for our Wagstaff Construct logo for products produced in this way. This is Virtual Manufacturing.

Virtual Manufacturing benefits the customer by:
Shortening the supply chain means better value; you are buying direct from the manufacturer but with the service and support of a dealer. Complete control; Because we design our own products, bespoke and special requirements are easily accommodated. Quality products; All Wagstaff Construct products are rigorously tested to British and European standards. Happier environment; With less waste, combined production and maximisation of delivery loads, an efficient factory is a happier factory, environmentally.

Effective buying equals effective selling; Buying materials at the base of the supply chain reduces multiple supplier margins and ensures that we are competitive.


Core Services

Office Furniture Services
Furniture plays a unique role. It stands at the interface between the premises, the organisation, the people and their technology. Furniture can project a corporate image, aid productivity and create a safe and pleasing environment to be in. We supply furniture solutions for all office, hotel, leisure, health care, education and homeworking environments.

Our total independence from any single supplier enables our Sales and Design Consultants to specify the correct products and services for your particular situation, delivering office furniture solutions without compromise.

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If you are interested in improving your space whether commercial or private, we have the right people to help out. Please send a request and our sales team will contact you direct about transforming your work space with modern, contemporary, modular office furniture design and fit out ideas on time, on budget!