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Many organisations are placing more emphasis on operational efficiency than ever before as real estate and staff costs increase year on year.

To achieve the highest possible return on these two most costly of assets businesses are realising that Creating a Best Practise Workplace (BPW) will support this objective.

More innovative products/services, lower cost of production, faster solutions, developing a unique brand and higher operational efficiency are attributable to business success. The ability of an organisation to respond faster than the competition is often the only sustainable competitive advantage a business can have ’  Aire de Geus

Some of the practises that have evolved to meet these business needs are encouraging people to focus and collaborate and create diverse workplaces for a wider variety of tasks to stimulate creativity.

A best practise workplace helps a business achieve its goals’

A new build or refurbishment project is initiated by sharing the design brief with the deliverance team. The success of a project relies on the quality of the information used to create the Design Brief

It is generally developed by using historical knowledge of office design together with the understanding of today’s business processes and procedures. It may unknowingly include assumptions about an organizations requirements and developments for the future. The brief is often written in a climate driven by project timescales and commercial objectives. It is through our Workplace Consultancy Team that we assist organizations in establishing the information that will form the foundation of the Design Brief itself.

We recognise the most important stage is to assist organizations in extracting the critical information that will form the content of the Design Brief. Our Workplace Consultancy Team will ensure that this objective is achieved. Our Workplace Consultants will undertake a strategic review of your business which can be specifically tailored to address specific areas of operation. Careful analysis of the fabric of an organization will reveal the key issues to address when developing the ingredients for the design solution. This activity is often overlooked on many office projects.

Wagstaff work in partnership with our clients and stakeholders to initially agree a programme of consultation and identify the key areas for review. It may begin with a ‘Workplace Best Practise Workshop’ providing the project group with an insight to all the current trends, developments, and current thinking in modern office practise. We review Workplace Design, Furniture, Technology and Legislation.



Core Services

Office Furniture Services
Furniture plays a unique role. It stands at the interface between the premises, the organisation, the people and their technology. Furniture can project a corporate image, aid productivity and create a safe and pleasing environment to be in. We supply furniture solutions for all office, hotel, leisure, health care, education and homeworking environments.

Our total independence from any single supplier enables our Sales and Design Consultants to specify the correct products and services for your particular situation, delivering office furniture solutions without compromise.

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If you are interested in improving your space whether commercial or private, we have the right people to help out. Please send a request and our sales team will contact you direct about transforming your work space with modern, contemporary, modular office furniture design and fit out ideas on time, on budget!