Providing an inspirational,functional and pleasing environment are the indespensable dyanmics that motivate your workforce to perform at their best. Therefore, your interior design should reflect this atmosphere and both customers and potential employees will recognise your standards and in return your company will gain from the benefits.

Wagstaff offers a complete interior design service that compliments and promotes your corporate image.

Understanding & Analysis of Office Interior Design; The basis for a successful project is a clearly defined brief and set of objectives together with an in-depth understanding of the Company, such as its’ situation and issues, ethics, organisational structure, ethos and operational processes. By analysing this information
our creative team can successfully produce various design solutions and cost options.

Modern Office Interior Design Space Planning; We ensure the correct specification and placing of furniture to produce a harmonious environment that promotes health and safety,productivity and profit. We plan in our Design Studio or on-site using the latest planning, 3D rendering and animation software,
enabling our customers to clearly visualise our proposals.

Best Practice; Our Sales and Interior Design Consultants understand and advise on the International Standards, Health and Safety, DDA Regulations and EC Directives on interiors. As we act upon these ideosyncrasies we ensure conformity and promote best practice.

Creative Designer Office Furniture Solutions; You will benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience. Our creative teams can turn any interior into an enlivened environment. Our careful placement and specification of furniture, use of colour, texture and lighting can help stimulate thought and promote
your organisational working culture and encourage creativity itself.

Design Fees & Agency Only Work; Generally our design work is included within an associated fit-out and/or furniture proposal. However, we also offer a design only service for the replanning of existing interiors or for products supplied by others, all at competitive rates.


Core Services

Office Furniture Services
Furniture plays a unique role. It stands at the interface between the premises, the organisation, the people and their technology. Furniture can project a corporate image, aid productivity and create a safe and pleasing environment to be in. We supply furniture solutions for all office, hotel, leisure, health care, education and homeworking environments.

Our total independence from any single supplier enables our Sales and Design Consultants to specify the correct products and services for your particular situation, delivering office furniture solutions without compromise.

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If you are interested in improving your space whether commercial or private, we have the right people to help out. Please send a request and our sales team will contact you direct about transforming your work space with modern, contemporary, modular office furniture design and fit out ideas on time, on budget!