Benefits of Core Social Responsibility

You won’t find another sweeping statement about how we run our business in the ‘greenest’ way possible and we don’t claim to be saving the world with a few generic environmental policies, that would be ridiculous, but as a company and as a group of individuals we do realise that we can make a difference.

Waste is something that we should all oppose, there is no gain in any form of being wasteful, waste costs money, stretches resources and it screams of inefficiency and incompetence. Here at the Wagstaff group we hope to set a new level of social and environmental awareness and in doing so we have taken a holistic approach to encompass more than just a reuse and recycle policy. Our CSR is more than just a statement of good intent, we have broken it down into real processes that we have implemented and which will continue to develop and grow in the future, for the good. The sections covered in our full CSR document cover:

Managing our environmental impact: How we practice sustainability in the day to day running of our business and what we do to help reduce carbon emissions.

Our Carbon Footprint: The Carbon foot print of our company and carbon offsetting.

Our Accreditations: All our environmental, management and good practice certification.

Health & Safety: The welfare of our employees and others to current standards and beyond.

Helping suppliers live our values: Using carbon foot print software to assess our suppliers and help them to improve .

Charity & Ethics: Charities that we support and our stance on ethical business practice.

Our Aims & Goals: Our aims and goals for improved sustainability for the next two years.

Wagstaff & Waste to Wonder Partnership: Managing the re-use of redundant office furniture through redistribution to schools and charities both in the UK and abroad.

Wagstaff Whitepapers: A series of reports relating to the working environment and the future of the workplace written by a leading expert in this field, Philip Ross CEO Unwired Ltd.

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Core Services

Office Furniture Services
Furniture plays a unique role. It stands at the interface between the premises, the organisation, the people and their technology. Furniture can project a corporate image, aid productivity and create a safe and pleasing environment to be in. We supply furniture solutions for all office, hotel, leisure, health care, education and homeworking environments.

Our total independence from any single supplier enables our Sales and Design Consultants to specify the correct products and services for your particular situation, delivering office furniture solutions without compromise.

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If you are interested in improving your space whether commercial or private, we have the right people to help out. Please send a request and our sales team will contact you direct about transforming your work space with modern, contemporary, modular office furniture design and fit out ideas on time, on budget!