Wagstaff Interiors Group in partnership with Waste to Wonder today and tomorrow

Wagstaff Interiors Group have partnered with the Waste to Wonder™ organisation to provide an environmental and corporate responsible solution for the management of redundant office furniture.

All customers of Wagstaff Interiors Group now have the opportunity to support charities and schools worldwide as well as protect their local environment. Wagstaff Interiors Group and the Waste to Wonder™ organisation invite your company to step into a simple, seamless and secure process currently endorsed by over 145 blue chip companies.

it’s a win-win-win solution
Waste to Wonder™ was formed in the United Kingdom in 2002 with a defined purpose to, ‘change the perception of waste.’ Every year thousands of tonnes of perfectly good furniture and equipment is either put to landfill or simply recycled. Waste to Wonder & trade; provides a unique service for managing your redundant asset disposal in the most socially and environmentally responsible way.

We manage the removal of redundant office furniture and IT equipment to genuinely improve someone else’s quality of life - whether by building a health centre in the Gambia, anorphanage in Cameroon, or by supporting schools and charities in your local community.

Our trademarked Environmental Management Process (EMP) is employed to redistribute and report on your redundant assets.

Our aim is to redistribute these items into national and international programs, helping schools, charities and environmental organisations. At the end of each project a comprehensive report is provided back to you with:

• Comprehensive data capture
• Significant cost savings
• Multi-sited uniformity
• Secure and risk-free process
• Global redistribution to support charities
• Increased environmental performance
• Carbon measurement report and savings

Providing people in need with your redundant assets could substantially improve the quality of their lives. What may be a waste to one person could be a precious resource to another. Charities find our programmes extremely valuable as funds that would be used to furnish their buildings are redirected back into their budget and straight to the people that need it most. Waste to Wonder & trade; support a wide range of respected and established charitable organisations including the UNEP, UNESCO, World ORT, Shelter, Mercy in Action and The Terrence Higgins Trust. Request your copy of our brouchure today.

Core Services

Office Furniture Services
Furniture plays a unique role. It stands at the interface between the premises, the organisation, the people and their technology. Furniture can project a corporate image, aid productivity and create a safe and pleasing environment to be in. We supply furniture solutions for all office, hotel, leisure, health care, education and homeworking environments.

Our total independence from any single supplier enables our Sales and Design Consultants to specify the correct products and services for your particular situation, delivering office furniture solutions without compromise.

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If you are interested in improving your space whether commercial or private, we have the right people to help out. Please send a request and our sales team will contact you direct about transforming your work space with modern, contemporary, modular office furniture design and fit out ideas on time, on budget!